lcCarmela Bertrand is a scrapbooker at heart. She is the owner of Memory Mine, a lovely scrapbooking store right in the heart of New Orleans. Recently divorced from her philandering husband Shamus and trying to enjoy life with the help of her best friend Ava ,neighbor and owner of a voodoo shop that caters to tourists of the Big Easy.

In “Skeleton Letters”, Carmela and Ava find one of Carmela’s customers while they’re attending St. Tristan’s Church. To add intrigue to the plot, an antique crucifix is also missing. Now together Carmela and Ava must look in the underbelly of New Orleans, the French Quarter and churches and cemeteries for clues to find the killer and the relation of the crucifix to their dead friend.

Sometimes alone or sometimes aided by Detective Babcock , they must continue looking to solve the mystery.

I love this series in particular for the personality of Carmela, her contagious joie de vivre and her scrapbooking skills make her into one of my favorite characters. Also the setting, the mysterious city of New Orleans with her above ground cemeteries, her long traditions of Mardi Gras and voodoo shops create the perfect background for this mystery series. Also along the book, Carmela gives clever tips for scrapbooking ideas or crafts.

Although I always recommend reading the series in order as some clues above former characters may be given away in future books. This is one of them that you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly without having to read from the beginning of the series.

You can find this book in our catalog right here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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