1q84“1Q84” is by far the best that mega talented Japanese writer Haruki Murakami has ever written.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Nothing could be truer in the 1Q84 universe although the characters don’t always seem to have a hand in their decisions.

Originally published in 3 volumes in Japan and luckily for us as one volume in the United States. This is basically a mind blowing odyssey. It’s fundamentally the story of two people separated by time and alternate universes who must find a way to reach their fate and the point in time where they’re supposed to be together. It’s very hard to put in words what Murakami accomplishes with this book.

The book is set in Tokyo in the year 1984 (a homage to George Orwell).  Aomame a beautiful, trained killer gets off the taxi cab that  is taking her home. In the middle of the highway and trying to find a way to the closest train station she steps into a road maintenance area which takes her into 1Q84, an alternate universe. But the change isn’t radical, the variations in the reality as she sees it are so subtle that she first thinks she’s losing her mind and then tries to find the reason why she’s been brought into this alternative reality.

Master of story telling Haruki Murakami makes this 900+ pages seems like a short journey. Every chapter keeps trapping you into the next chapter. Each character flawed at times is a clear representation of our daily lives full of insecurities and dreams. A mix of fantasy, thriller, romance, science fiction. This book is a must read.

You can find it in our catalog here also find it as an ebook here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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