sprinkleMelanie Cooper is a former marketing whiz turned into cupcake store co-owner (“Fairy Tale Cupcakes”) along with her best friend Angie DeLaura in Old Town Scottsdale. Their business (a partnership between her best friends Angie, Tate and herself) is off to a rough start after a competing bakery owner decided to harass them. It also doesn’t help that their best friend Tate’s fiancee is discovered dead holding one of Melanie’s cupcakes. Wrongly accused prime suspect Melanie must fight to uncover the real killer before her reputation puts her and her friends out of business.

I love this book because as a movie buff this book is sprinkled with movie quotes that most movie aficionados will recognize. The movie quotes are used as a greeting between the main characters or to set the mood. The characters are so easy to relate to and their bonds are so strong in times of need. I highly recommend this series. I  definitely want to read all of the books in this series.

You can find it as an ebook right here and also available in Print Format here.

Happy reading,

Jackie M small


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