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I have always been curious about paranormal activity. No, I have never experienced that type of activity and I’m not sure I ever want to. But Juliet Blackwell has done an amazing job of creating a great series featuring witchcraft, paranormal activity and mystery.

Lily Ivory is a young witch ,originally from a small town in Texas where she has been shunned for exhibiting her powers. Lily has to flee town and take refuge with her abuela (grandmother) a powerful witch who takes the difficult task of taming her temper and expanding her powers. After traveling through the world, Lily finally settles in San Francisco , in a neighborhood that welcomes artistic types.  She has chosen to go into vintage clothing and she loves scoring vintage merchandise through estate sales. Through her store (Aunt Cora’s closet)  she finds Bronwyn, a wiccan priestess who runs the local Wicca chapter and Maya, a independent art student.  Both employees shower Lily with true affection and friendship. But not everything is great, Lily must face demons, bad spirits and even some witchy politics personified by Aidan Rhodes, a local powerful sorcerer who always seems to be in the middle of every situation. Also as like every witch in the world, Lily has been given a familiar, in her case a lovely potbelly pig named Oscar. Actually Oscar is a gobgoyle, half goblin, half gargoyle but his usual outdoor appearance is as a piggy.

I particularly love this series because of the humor in it. It’s hard to tell a paranormal story without being too dramatic but Juliet Blackwell knows better. She perfectly matches humor with drama when the occasion needs it. Another point for the series is the description of the locations. If you have ever been to San Francisco, you can easily identify some of the landmarks and if you have never been, you’d be pining to go visit Fisherman’s Wharf. The secondary characters add a lot to the story and the stories are so well scripted that it’s a breeze to read. And if you’re into fashion history, you’re going to love this book series. She lovingly describes vintage clothing. You wont be disappointed .

If you’d like to follow the adventures of Lily, you can find them as ebooks from the beginning by clicking right here:

Second Hand Spirits, A cast-off coven, Hexes and hemlines and In a witch’s wardrobe.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small

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