i screamWho doesn’t love ice cream? If you answered yes then you can find your fix  in “Sprinkle with murder” by Jenn McKinlay and yes, you guessed right,  this treat  is 100% calorie free.

This book revolves around Tallulah Jones living in a small Texan town and trying to make a living by running her ice cream parlor along with her cousin Bree (more like a sister) and Bree’s daughter. Tallulah’s ex husband Wayne has a new conquest  perfect on the outside, Brittanie. When Wayne’s company decides to throw a luau, Tallulah is supposed to be responsible for providing the Sundae Bar for the party. But when Brittanie turns up dead, everyone is onto Tallulah including the police suspecting her of murder. She must try to stay one step ahead of the police and find the killer before small town talk threatens to shut down her livelihood.

I like this book because it’s entertaining enough. The characters are well developed and face very real emotions at times. The mystery is well scripted until the end. Some minor characters add a lot of bittersweet humor to the plot. It’s a wonderful light read .

If you’d like to read this ebook, you can find it in our catalog here

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small

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