teyThis story is set in London in the 1930’s.  Author and playwright Josephine Tey is going to London from Scotland by train.  While traveling she befriends a young fan. But then the police inform Josephine of the young woman’s death. Josephine takes upon herself to find out more about the strange circumstances surrounding the death. She can’t help feel somewhat guilty. In the meantime, she has to juggle the director of her next play, a very temperamental aging actress, a wanna-be diva  and her own future as a writer.

I love this book because of the beautiful descriptions of London in the 30’s. The characters are well scripted and reflected very well the theatrical atmosphere. The story is very well written and keeps you guessing til the end. Just love the way Josephine keeps trying to find the killer even when her stakes in life are in jeopardy. Although not a historical fiction book per se, it does integrate the success of the play “Richard of Bordeaux”. Secondary characters add a lot of richness to the story . A must read for mystery lovers.

If you’d like to read this book, you can find it here  or by clicking in the above image.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


One thought on “An expert in murder by Nicola Upson

  1. Josephine Tey was the pseudonym of a very real, very talented writer and Upson’s new series does a great job of bringing her and her works back into the public eye. Each of Tey’s mystery stories stands alone and remains as fresh and relevant today as when they were written. Try Brat Farrar for a gripping introduction to her work.

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