Jacket2“Brush with death” by Karen MacInerney”

Set in Coastal Maine on the fictional Cranberry Island, Natalie Barnes is a native Texan former banker turned inn keeper of the Gray Whale Inn.  She is living happily with her fiance John, her niece Gwen, and all the loving but sometimes quirky island inhabitants. Everything seems to be going fine until Fernand, Gwen’s mentor, turns up dead and Natalie must step up to find out who did it.

 This is the fifth installment of this series. I love it because it depicts island life and also the interactions between their inhabitants. Love the characters and the pace the story moves too. If you are looking for a cozy book , something light with a good story, look no more.

You can find it as an eBook here.

If you would like to read the first installment of the series ” Murder on the Rocks”  to get a better feel for the characters, you can find it at our Derry Public Library right here

Happy Reading

Jackie M small


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