My first Wes Anderson movie wasRushmore“. Starring a tragically funny Bill Murray as desillusioned Herman Blume and Jason Schwartzman in his first movie role as Max Fischer, the “king” of Rushmore Academy. Max and Herman strike up an unusual friendship which is put in jeopardy when they both start to pursue the affection of Ms. Cross, a new teacher in Rushmore. Their friendship transforms suddenly into an endless revenge battle after Max discovers Herman has betrayed him and is dating Ms Cross.

Wes Anderson takes advantage of settings and situations that under any other director would spiral out of control and become ridiculous; he just makes them look effortlessly beautiful. Not a comedy per se, but with some darker undertones and a beautiful photography , “Rushmore” became right away a cult movie for independant movie lovers.

In recent years Wes Anderson has treated us to other gems such as “The Darjeeling Limited” ( the vicissitudes of three estranged brothers traveling through India on board the luxury train that gives the name to the movie while overcoming their dysfuncionality as a family); the animated “Fantastic Mr Fox”  (George Clooney lends his voice to Mr Fox who’s trying to provide for his family while fighting farmers that are trying to exterminate them and his friends); and my favorite “Moonrise Kingdom” (the story of two teenagers mature beyond their years  in their own unique way who are pen pals in Coastal New England and elope together in order to escape their family shortcomings).

Derry Public Library carries all these titles for your entertainment. Please, let us know how you like Wes Anderson movies and if you too can’t help falling in love with the photography or the stories he tells in his movies.

Happy watching,

Jackie M small


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